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We are meat snack

We are
meat snack

Welcome to a new generation of snacking.

The world is becoming a busier place, and people don’t just want to snack more — they want to snack better. So get ready, because Baken is here to transform your snack and meal-times into an experience like no other.

We are meat snack innovators.

It all started because of our love for the best ingredient in the world: bacon. It led to us embarking on a quest to create the perfect bacon crisp and, after years of mad experimenting in the kitchen, we did it. These are not your typical pork rinds, jerky, or bacon-flavoured potato chips. Our crisps are the real thing — cooked to crunchy perfection, and made with 100% real bacon and no artificial substitutes.

The ultimate all-rounder.

We want our bacon snacks to be as versatile as the meat they were inspired by, so creativity was the real driving force behind these creations. From quirky product spin-offs to fun recipes, our bacon snacks are the ultimate all-rounder. They are also a perfect medley of sweet, savoury and meaty flavours, so we dare you to let your imagination run wild!

Bring home the real bacon.

Baken was founded by two friends — real women who work hard and must have their bacon when they want it, which is why they have made it their mission to create snacks that enable you to bring home the real bacon. This could mean a celebration of your successes and achievements, a gift to your loved ones, or as a rallying cry for those of you who love real meat and will settle for nothing less than true guilt-free indulgence.


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