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Avo Toast

All Recipes / Avo Toast Avo Toast Serves 4 15 mins Today’s avocado toasts have everything but the kitchen sink piled onto that creamy base. But trust us — all you need is Baken. Ingredien...
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Bread & Butter

All Recipes / Bread & Butter Bread & Butter Serves 9 3 hours Fill your home with the aromas of freshly baked bread, and then tear into pillowy softness dotted with meaty bacon bits....
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Mac & Cheese

All Recipes / Mac & Cheese Mac & Cheese Serves 2 40 mins Mix our crushed bacon crisps with a medley of cheeses to elevate this classic comfort food. Ingredients: 100g macaroni 2 ...
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Bacon Waffle

All Recipes / Bacon Waffle Bacon Waffle Serves 4 25 mins Once you’ve had these, you may never go back to regular chicken and waffles again because this is the winning combination. Ingredi...
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Old Fashioned

All Recipes / Old Fashioned Old Fashioned Serves 1 10 mins A little sweet and savoury crunch ad...
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Cookie Butter

All Recipes / Cookie Butter Cookie Butter Serves 1 jar 10 mins Compound butters are all the rage now, but making cookies spreadable is our favourite way to go. Ingredients: 1 pack Baken ...
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Ultimate Bacon Burger

All Recipes / Ultimate Bacon Burger Ultimate Bacon Burger Serves 1 25 mins Finally, a bacon burger that doesn’t actually hold back on the bacon. Ingredients: Burger buns 2-4 Baken Real B...
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Tortilla Wrap

All Recipes / Tortilla Wrap Tortilla Wrap Serves 1 11 mins Easy to throw together, this flavourful wrap has everything you need for a quick meal you can take on the go. Ingredients: 1 t...
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